Selling Your Old Phone


Whilst there is lots of information around on the latest handsets and their features, one topic often gets ignored, and that is “what do do with my old phone”?

The fact is there will soon be more phones than people on planet earth, and that number will is set to increase further as China and India become more economically developed.

That will not be the end of it either, as other countries also continue to develop. So, what happens to all these old phones?

Well, its now easier than ever to get cash for your old phones from recycling companies who buy old phones either for scrap or to sell on as “pre owned” handsets. Generally, the high value handsets are resold in the country of origin whilst older handsets are sent to developing countries where more robust reliable, maintainable and lower cost handsets are in demand. In fact, buying old phones is big business in some countries with dealers trying to buy container loads of them from Europe, North America etc.

Getting the best price for your old phone is also pretty easy as their are a number of comparison sites like this one I recently used to sell my mobile. Sites like that allow you to compare prices over a range of different recycling companies and see who is giving the best price at the time, a real time saver.

I sold my old HTC Desire recently and got a pretty decent price for it (a little over £100 from EcoUrMobile). It was well worth the time it took to trade that handset in (around 20 minutes in total) for the money I got back for it.

So, if you upgrade your phone… be sure to check out some of these sites and see what you can get back for your old one!

HTC Phones – Underappreciated?


There’s been a lot said about HTC phones recently, and I think that the company deserves the attention they are getting. If you ask people in the industry, most will tell you that HTC’s slogan “Quietly Brilliant” is very appropriate. They don’t make the same song and dance over their new phones that other companies do, but on the whole their handsets are much superior.

Take the HTC Desire Vs iPhone for example. There is no doubt in my mind, having used both extensively, that the Desire is far superior. Yet how many people have heard of the iPhone in comparison? There is a huge discrepancy between the quality of the phone and the amount of attention it receives. This is hardly surprising; Apple are masters of creating hype about their products.Whether or not you believe the hype is another matter entirely!

I think a lot of people get put off by the price of HTC phones on contracts though. HTC deals, although relatiely easy to find, range in quality from the terrible to very good. This means people need to be patient when choosing. You shouldn’t just rush into the first one that you see, becuase you’re likely to be disappointed.

If you’ve never tried an HTC phone, then I suggest that you go to a mobile phone shop and ask to see a product demo. The number of features will blow you away, but the simplicity that everything is put together is almost more impressive in my opinion.

Guide To Picking The Right Mobile Handset


When you are buying a new mobile phone there are probably three things that you need to think about. The first is making sure that you get the right handset and this is what this article will be focusing on. The other two things that you need to think about making sure that you use the right provider for your area and that you choose the right contract for your needs. However, it doesn’t matter how good your mobile phone provider is if you can’t use your mobile handset effectively.

When you are choosing a handset the first thing you need to think about is which functions you need and which ones you like to use a regular basis. For example, if you regularly use the Internet on your mobile phone then you need to make sure that the handset that you buy has the capability to access it at a reasonably fast speed.

Another thing that you need to consider is how much money you are willing to spend on your handset. If you generally don’t use your mobile phone for very much other than ringing people then you definitely won’t want to spend a lot of money on high-class handset that you don’t really need. On the other hand, if you like to use the advanced features of mobile phones then it’s imperative that you buy one that is a high quality and hence the price will be higher.

Buying a new mobile phone isn’t actually that difficult as long as you think carefully about what you want and how much you are willing to spend, once you have a price or product in mind sites like can save you a lot of time allowing you to find the best deal from many different sources.

Cases And Covers For Mobile Phones


Mobile phones are carried everywhere with us these days, whether it’s in our handbag, in our rucksack, in our back pocket or lying around in our car. Of course this means they are prone to scratches, erosion of the keypad, gathering dirt and dust and accidents such as leaking water-bottles or being dropped on the floor.

Buying a case or cover for your mobile phone will give it added protection from all the above. They can come in a variety of materials from leather to wool depending on what you are looking for. Obviously the harder the material the more protection you are giving your phone. However these tend to be a little more expensive and come in less colours and styles. Buying phone covers and cases is very simple as most mobile phone stores sell a selection. For more variety and choice browse online shops such as eBay and amazon. Some places even offer such customizations as allowing you to have a photo of your choice as a mobile phone cover!

As well as serving a good purpose for your phone your choice of case or cover can show your individuality and jazz up even quite a plain mobile phone. If you get a bright coloured case this also means it can more easily be found as we all have experienced mislaying our mobile phones! With a mobile case or cover it really is easy to protect your phone and add that personal touch.

How Risky Is It To Use A Mobile Phone?


It has been implied via the media since the invention of the mobile phone that increased use of them may be putting people at risk of health problems. However this certainly has not seemed to make a difference to the amount they are used. Although we may hear of people who regularly smoke or drink trying to cut down, the majority of the population use their mobile phones every day for long periods at a time with no intention reducing the amount of time spent on them.

Is this because society has pooh-poohed the notion that mobile phones can pose risks such as brain tumours or is it because the government and healthcare professionals have not yet given the public enough facts and figures to come to an informed decision?

There is no doubt that the public are encouraged to spend more time on their mobile phones with great deals from mobile phone companies such as low prices for unlimited texts etc so surely if it were a health risk to use mobile phones there would be a recommendation or limit to how much time is spent on a mobile phone?

There have been studies trialled on the effects of mobile phone emissions to the brain with ambivalent results. Scientists were concerned that extensive use with these emissions caused the brain to heat and therefore change the function of the blood-barrier. However it is now thought that there is no firm evidence to show this would do any long term damage and mobile phone emissions would heat your brain less than a period of exercise would.