One essential tool that’s often found in hospitals and blood banks is the blood tube stripper. It is also common to find them in medical facilities and diagnostic centres. A blood tube stripper is a plier-like tool that works by cutting PVC blood tubing and strips undiluted blood from the donor tubing.

Blood tube strippers are also used for different tasks that are related to the handling and collection of other body fluids aside from blood. A blood tube stripper is also used to strip the tubing of other body fluids drawn from a donor or patient like serum and urine.

For those who are working in blood banks, hospitals, and laboratories, a blood tube stripper is one tool they can’t live without. Below are the reasons why a blood stripper is considered a staple in laboratories and other medical facilities:

  • Easy handling. Blood tube strippers are designed for both right and left-hand use. This makes the process of stripping blood bag tubes safer and easier. That said, users won’t have to worry about fluid leaks or spills while handling tubes.
  • Faster stripping. There are instances when blood tube stripping needs to be done fast especially when the task requires blood mass collection from various donors. This is a common scenario in blood donation drives, off-site activities (field work), and medical outreach programs.
  • Facilitates anticoagulation (of blood as well as other body fluids). Body fluids are typically prone to coagulation. This is especially true when it is drawn out and placed in a container like a blood bag. Coagulation can be prevented when the bag is vacuum sealed and the tubes are stripped so its original state is retained.
  • Considered ideal for blood bag systems. There are different blood bag system specifications. A blood tube stripper can accommodate various features without needing to change parts or catering only to specific blood bag types.